ābād[Z. āvāda; S. आवास], adj. Inhabited, populated, peopled; full of buildings and inhabitants, populous; settled (as a colony or town); cultivated; stored; full; occupied;—city, town (in this sense it commonly occurs as the last member of compounds, e.g. Faiẓābād, Ilāhābād);—flourishing, prosperous; pleasant; happy.—ābād-bashī, s.f. First assessment of newly settled or cultivated land.—ābād-rahnā, To be full, stored, flourishing, prosperous, happy or comfortable.—ābād-kār, s.m. The first settler on waste land.—ābād-karnā, v.t. To make (a place) habitable; to people, settle, found (a colony, etc.); to build and plant; to cultivate; to make (the heart, dil) rejoice, to comfort, rejoice (the heart); to build up (a house or family, ghar), beget (children).—ābād honā, To be full, flourishing, etc. (=ābād rahnā, q.v.); to be occupied (as a house); to have the prospect of issue; to be married.
Origin: Persian

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