ā`īn[Pehl. dīn, Zend daêna, rt. dī= S. धी], s.m. Regulation, institute, statute, rules, law (as established by princes, in contradistinction to shar`or the law of Moḥammad), body of laws, code; enactment, edict, ordinance, canon, decree, rule; custom, manner:—ā`īn-dān, s.m. One skilled in law, (but commonly applied to) one who practises on the simplicity of his neighbours by his knowledge of law; pettifogger, rogue; ā`īn-ě-dīwānī, s.m. Civil law:—ā`īn-ě-faujdārī, s.m. Criminal law:—ā`īn-ě-māl, s.m. Revenue law.
Origin: Persian

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